Set-top box Repair & logistics



CTDI has in-depth experience with many high-volume consumer (CPE) repair and logistics programs. In support of these Consumer Direct Fulfillment Programs, CTDI handles over 75 million forward logistics transactions annually. CTDI recently invested significant dollars and engineering resources into developing a world-class Set-Top Box (STB) repair process and operation.


CTDI possesses a very strong, hands-on understanding of industry-leading technologies, supply chain processes and inventory management systems and CTDI can provide high-quality Testing, Clean & Screen and Repair services for a wide variety of STB and Modem products. CTDI is an Authorized Service Center (ASC) for Motorola and Cisco-Scientific Atlanta and is a Cisco Special Purpose Integrator.§  CTDI is also an Authorized Service Center Status for Pace Converter Boxes.



CTDI’s Engineering organization has designed and implemented innovative and state-of-the-art STB repair process which currently supports multiple high-volume repair and logistics programs today. Currently, CTDI’s test and repair operations have the capacity to process over 12 million STB units and modems worldwide per year.  


CTDI’s end-to-end Set-Top Box Repair and Logistics solution offers the following benefits:

  • Innovative test, repair, clean and screen processes

  • Web-based reverse logistics and inventory management via our ETOS Application

  • Engineering test development with strong OEM relationships including Authorized Service Center status for Motorola and Cisco-Scientific Atlanta products

  • High-volume direct fulfillment capacity and operations

  • Regional stocking and deployment services providing in-region/in-country support

  • On-going investment in new technologies and technical resources