CTDI’s ETOS Application
Information Technology and the Internet are key factors in CTDI’s ability to service all customers all over the globe. CTDI’s Electronic Tracking and Ordering System, ETOS, provides our customers with the ability to order equipment on-line and to track the progress of that order via the web. ETOS offers a fully configured, customized repair and logistics solution that is used by our customers in a wide variety of applications including ordering equipment, customizing a cabinet and managing inventory on-line. ETOS is a powerful tool, exclusively available through CTDI, and proven to increase customer satisfaction.
CTDI has extensive experience integrating our ETOS system seamlessly with our global customers and employs many of the universally accepted standards: EDI, XML, Flat Files, etc. CTDI can also customize the ETOS interface, if requested, to exactly match a customer’s specification: web scripting, database-database transfer, etc. CTDI currently interfaces with all major ERP systems: SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Clarify, etc.
Today, CTDI has over 100 customized ETOS applications managing over 150 repair and logistics programs worldwide.
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