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For over 40 years, CTDI has promoted a corporate culture of community leadership. We strive to be a reliable friend and community partner who provides a positive impact in the communities in which we operate. CTDI is committed to the economic and social improvement of the areas in which we live and work. We are proud of our employees who reach out to others and take active roles in their communities.

CTDI is particularly proud of our CTDI CARES program. CTDI CARES is non-profit that is available to support employees in need. CTDI CARES was founded after the loss of an employee with three young children. Employees came together and through a variety of efforts raised funds to pay for the children to go to college. After this experience, the company decided that a permanent fund should be established to help CTDI employees and their families when needs arise.

Community Partnerships

As part of our commitment to community partnerships, we work also with a variety of organizations in the locations where we have operations. Near our company headquarters in West Chester, we support the following organizations:

CTDI also sources employees from work rehabilitation programs such as Handi-Crafters and  Baker Industries for staffing as needed.