Network Deployment Solutions (NDS) Division

Configuring, Staging and Installing 4G & 5G Technologies

CTDI’s NDS Division has been helping its customers plan, engineer and determine the financial impacts of their network infrastructure for 46 years with innovative solutions, technical designs and expert project executions. CTDI exceeds expectations in terms of time, cost and capability with feasibility studies to evaluate technology alternatives and identify the right solution for the customer.

network deployment engineer working on unit

CTDI Engineers and Technicians have completed multi-vendor and multi-technology certifications. CTDI performs complex and dynamic configurations and installations of 4G & 5G technologies within our customers’ networks. With carefully developed processes, CTDI provides critical data, reporting and assessments regarding the health, capacity and growth needs of our customers’ networks.

NDS Division Key Metrics


90 Technicians

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65 Installers

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4G & 5G Technologies

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300+ Vehicles in Fleet