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Information Technology

CTDI has extensive experience integrating our systems seamlessly with our global customers and employs many of the universally accepted standards: EDI, XML, Flat Files, etc. CTDI can also customize an interface, if requested, to exactly match a customer's specification: web scripting, database-database transfer, etc. CTDI currently interfaces with all major ERP systems: SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Clarify, etc.

CTDI's ETOS application will serve as the primary program and order management interface and provides our customers with a web-based order management tool and the ability to provide a seamless interface with their inventory system as well as any other systems they may utilize. To support our customer's repair and logistics program, ETOS is customized to meet program requirements and provides real-time visibility and reporting to all logistics activity and inventory levels, a real-time performance dashboard, direct links to transportation carriers and a user friendly order placement tool for our customer and their end-users.

CTDI's propriety warehouse management system, OLP (On-Line Provisioning), serves as the primary inventory management system to handle the physical receipt, stocking, and inventory management activity for all equipment. CTDI's OLP application is designed specifically for the receipt and processing of good and defective shipments on behalf of our global telecommunications customers. All data received by OLP will be automatically uploaded to ETOS to provide real-time visibility and control.