MPS: Mobility Product Solutions

Delivering Technical, OEM Certified Mobility Product Solutions

The objective of CTDI’s Mobility Product Solutions (MPS) Division is to be the best-in-class mobility supply chain and a strategic player for trade-in programs and auction platforms. Today, the MPS Division services major telecom carries, as well as B2C channels, and manages the entire lifecycle of mobility products. To provide the highest quality technical services, the MPS Division leverages CTDI’s innovative, multi-unit test systems, the REV-2 and EVO-3, which feature robotic functionality and are also fully automated.

mobile and consumer electronics employees in shop

The MPS Division’s end-to-end service solution provides the following:

  • ReVive: OEM certified, increases device market value
  • Industry Leading Data Wipe Solutions
  • Parts Reclamation
  • VMI & MBE Programs
  • Direct & Bulk Fulfillment
  • OEM Parts Distribution
  • VAS, Kitting & Configuration

MPS Division Key Metrics

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Global Sales of $1.5B

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500K Reverse Logistics Units Annually


300M Forward Logistics Units Annually

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Processing 1.2M Devices Annually