corporate Social Responsibility

CTDI Planet Protect

The CTDI Planet Protect program organizes our sustainability actions under 3 pillars: Carbon Reduction, Circular Economy, and Sustainable Future. Our Sustainability team helps CTDI employees and suppliers meet our Environmental and Social Responsibility policies and commitments. And importantly, CTDI collaborates with our customers to keep improving for a sustainable future.

ctdi team smiling with solar panels and mountains in the background

Carbon Reduction


Become Carbon Neutral in CTDI branch operations


Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Improve Operational Efficiency with Technology
  • Reduce Energy Demand through Innovation
  • Transition to Renewable Energy Sources

Circular Economy


Increase technology value and reduce waste with CTDI Reverse Logistics services


Perform millions of Reverse Logistics

  • Return. Screen for reverse logistics services.
  • Restore. Clean to protect customer privacy.
  • Reuse. Put back to use to extend value.
  • Reman. Refurbish into best condition.
  • Repair. Test and renew to quality specs.
  • Redeploy. Position for a renewed purpose.
  • Resale. Asset recovery monetizes extra supply.
  • Recycle. Raw materials regenerate value.

Sustainable Future


Protect Planet and People with CTDI Environmental and Social Responsibilities


We govern our policies and practices:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Policy
  • Human Rights & Workforce Management
  • Corporate Quality Policy
  • Procurement Practices
  • Community Engagement

Launched Planet Protect April 2022

Solar PPA implemented May 2022

LEED Gold & Carbon Neutral Branch Certified in May 2023

Stayed safe, with best-in-class safety nationwide

CTDI's Social Responsibility

The CTDI family always focuses on meeting our customer’s needs with values of quality, exceptional service, and mutual respect. We are proud that our services protect the environment by recovering, repairing, and returning millions of products into active service. While making positive environmental and financial impacts, we also insist that all people are cared for, starting with our employees.

CTDI’s responsibility extends to caring for our communities, local and global. The collective action of CTDI, our customers, and our suppliers in the technology value chain matter greatly, and CTDI takes its responsibility seriously to care for all of creation.

ctdi team smiling with solar panels and mountains in the background

CTDI's Actions

To fulfill CTDI’s Social Responsibilities, we act with Business Ethics that are just, true, and compliant with laws where we operate. We promote Diversity & Inclusion and equal opportunity. We provide Environmental, Health & Safety conditions to protect people with investments in personal gear and safety equipment with routine training using best practices. 

We support Community Involvement and give financially to charities that strengthen families. We convey our expectations to Third Parties & Suppliers. We act with Global Citizenship, acknowledging cultural diversity and extending respect. And we will fulfill our Environmental commitments by reducing energy use, neutralizing greenhouse gas emissions, and minimizing waste in our operations.

Environmental and Social Responsibilities

The environmental and social conduct that CTDI expects is outlined in our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and other policies. CTDI’s values extend to our employees and suppliers and are supported by our entire management team. CTDI also collaborates routinely with our customers and other stakeholders to align on expectations to care for environmental and human rights.