Network Services (NS) Division

Delivering Test, Repair & Logistics for 4G & 5G Technologies

CTDI’s Network Services (NS) Division offers a service portfolio that includes innovative test systems and component level repair of 4G & 5G network infrastructure equipment for telecom carriers. The cumulative effect of over 46 years of engineering and test development efforts has provided CTDI with a strong technical foundation on which to expand our service offerings. Additionally, the Network Deployment team provides configuration, staging and installation services for 4G & 5G technologies for major telecom carriers in the United States. CTDI Engineers and Field Technicians have completed multi-vendor and multi-technology certifications allowing them to perform complex configuration and installation of 4G & 5G technologies within our customers’ networks.

network services component level repair

Leveraging our core technical and engineering expertise, CTDI continues to develop innovative and multi-unit test systems for 4G & 5G network technologies. CTDI’s NS Division services the networks of major telecom carriers and provides fully integrated forward and reverse logistics solutions. Since our beginning, CTDI’s Network Engineering and test expertise has been the foundation of our business, and today, CTDI designs the most comprehensive test systems which meet all industry network standards.

Network Services Division Key Metrics

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