STB Division: Engineering, Test, Repair & Logistics

Delivering Innovative,
In-Region Solutions

CTDI has revolutionized the STB / CPE service business to become the global leader in the cable and telecom service industry. CTDI has in-depth experience with in-region, high-volume STB / CPE test, repair and logistics programs. Our ability to establish world-class regional Hubs and Super Hubs gives our customers better control of their assets, eliminates transportation fees and dramatically enhances service levels and product availability. Additionally, many OEMs have certified CTDI’s operations and test systems to perform in and out-of-warranty test and repair services. Our extensive CPE technical expertise helps provide our customers comprehensive in-region and integrated solutions. We offer high-quality, web-based control and management for all test, repair and logistics activities via CHAT.

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CTDI has excellent technical relationships with industry leading OEMs which allow us to keep all testing software and pre-load software current and up to MSO and OEM standards. CTDI’s OEM relationships also allow us to keep all STB / CPE repair within our operations, which provides greater efficiencies, faster turnaround times as well as reduced handling and freight costs. Additionally, CTDI has worked with a number of OEMs on New Product Introductions (NPI), and we also work with the OEM to ensure our new test automation and robotic functionality meets their quality and testing standards.

STB Division Key Metrics

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35+ STB Operations

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11,000 CPE Service Professionals

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25+ In-Region Super Hubs

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81.3 Million Units Tested Annually